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Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Ultimate Natural & Sustainable Brand


Founded by Hema Panjavani and her partner, Fyseko is a natural skincare brand made in India

Fyseko (pronounced as FISIKO) derived from Greek word Fysikos meaning natural is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hema Panjavani and her family. She set up the brand in January of 2019 to cater to the masses but the products have been around since 2017.


The beauty industry in the country has a plethora of skincare products claiming to be natural, organic and most of them are priced on a relatively higher side. Although those products must have their benefits, they aren’t necessarily accessible to all individuals due to their luxury pricing, appeal to affluent customers, and recurring expense in nature. The need to provide authentic natural skin care that performs well, at affordable rates was Hema’s main focus, which she executed first at a personal level and took it up a notch by laying the foundation for Fyseko.


A face wash typically leaves the skin feeling dry and dull after use, which makes the skin produce extra oils to combat dryness. To tackle that, Hema first created her own homemade face wash in 2017 by using a combination of natural herbs like sweet basil, peppermint, calendula flower and a few more functional ingredients. Once that worked, she then created a variety of products such as toners, moisturizers, lip balm and scrubs, all made with natural ingredients and sustainable on skin. With an accommodating home lab full of natural ingredients to experiment and formulate products for her personal use, Hema began giving these products to friends and family for use too. With their rave reviews and encouragement, she was inspired to scale up the business and launch her own personal care brand Fyseko.


Along with her partner, Hema has been studying and researching natural skincare to develop holistic and innovative products to add to their brand. Not just natural skincare, Fyseko is also focusing on social benefit and sustainability. The brand ensures the utmost use of solely natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and manufacturing focused on people employment. The paper used for packaging is made entirely from waste; the printing of the packing box is handmade with screen printing method which generates more employment as compared to digital printing and the manufacturing and packing of the products in done in SME set-up with least usage of machines.

Fyseko is also working with their selling partners to ensure the selling and distribution is done through subscription mode which enables them to ship the products in a more sustainable manner with least carbon emissions. All of their marketing material is distributed in a digital format only to ensure zero paper use.


The products are manufactured in GMP certified facility and are all Ayush certified. The brand also doesn’t use SLS, Paraben, artificial colour and fragrances in addition to them condemning testing on animals. The future of Fyseko holds the launch of many exciting products after the brand is absolutely certain that these additions to the line comply with their brand principles of holistic, affordable and genuine skincare. Fyesko has recently been selected in the Amazon Launchpad program, which will help in accelerating the brand building and visibility with the help of structured approach and insights from Amazon.


“It’s been an exciting few months for our startup brand Fyseko. We have put honest efforts and intent in creating affordable skincare products that are legitimately natural. We are confident about the products’ superior efficacy and are sure that our consumers are going to love using them.” said founder Hema Panjavani.

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