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Monday, February 8, 2021

Tech Mahindra Included In '2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index' for Second Consecutive Year

Monday, February 08, 2021

Mumbai - Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions, today announced that it has been included in 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for the second consecutive year. Tech Mahindra is amongst the 7 Indian companies to be included in Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index (GEI). The 2021 Index comprises of 380 countries with a combined market capitalization of 14 USD trillion headquartered in 44 countries and regions across 11 sectors.

The Bloomberg GEI measures gender equality across five pillars including female leadership and talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand.  The framework is comprised of 59 questions and a company’s GEI Score is determined by its level of disclosure and its performance (data excellence). Tech Mahindra is included in the 2021 list for scoring at or above a global threshold established by Bloomberg to reflect a high level of disclosure and overall performance across the framework’s five pillars.

Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head of Marketing, Tech Mahindra, said, “Tech Mahindra being included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index is a testimony of our 'intentionally diverse' and 'naturally inclusive' philosophy that empowers our ecosystem to RiseTM. We were amongst the early adopters of a non-negotiable, diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy, which has helped us built an inclusive culture where the 'diversity of thoughts' has spurred innovation and creativity in our associates.”

The Bloomberg GEI provides managers and investors with comparative information on gender-equality performance of the world's biggest companies. This unique barometer of gender-equality performance provides transparency to gender-related practices and policies at publicly listed companies increasing the breadth of environmental, social, governance (ESG) data available to investors. Starting with the full universe of 11,500+ public companies in Bloomberg’s ESG data set, the team screens companies to be eligible for inclusion in the index with cut-off based on market capitalization, level of public disclosure and data excellence.

“The companies included in the 2021 GEI are expanding the ESG data universe to include gender-related data that investors are demanding today,” said Peter T. Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg. “Their commitment to disclosure is making the business case for inclusion and driving transparency in the markets.” 

As part of TechMHRNxt, under Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter, an initiative to provide the ‘workplace of the future’ and enhance employee experience, dignity of each associate is upheld as one of our core values. At Tech Mahindra, diversity is an instrument of growth, and the uniqueness of every individual is celebrated by fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment.

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Arun Bhardwaj becomes the first Indian Ultra-Marathon Runner to complete the Mumbai-Nashik-Pune-Mumbai run

Monday, February 08, 2021

Arun Kumar Bhardwaj, the only Indian winner of the international multi-day race, added another feather to his cap as he successfully completed his Mumbai-Nashik-Pune-Mumbai run recently. The 560 km non-stop run across three major cities of Maharashtra was commenced on January 31, 2021, and completed in 166 hours.

Over the years, Bhardwaj has won many long-distance running titles but this run was taken up by him as an initiative to spread the message of living a healthy lifestyle by exercising, running, and inspiring people through action. Bhardwaj chose this route because he loves challenges in running and this route was very challenging due to heat and steep ghats. The 14km long Kasara ghat which falls on this route has a high gradient and considered as one of the toughest ghats. During his run of 6.5 days, Arun covered a distance of 80 km on an average per day, and many people on the way accompanied him a few kilometers to show their support towards running and a healthier lifestyle.

Arun Bhardwaj, one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance racers from India, while speaking about his run said, The running scenario in India is beginning to gain momentum since few years. Apart from helping to spread the message of health and fitness, the ultra-marathon runs will aid our future athletes in preparations as they compete for a place in Olympics. I run because I want to inspire more and more people to take up running and also the athlete in me wants to challenge myself to work hard and be fit and healthy. I also want to be a role model for my daughters.”

As an ultra-marathon runner, the Delhi resident is used to covering several hundred kilometers over a few days. His fondest is the 4100-km run from Kargil to Kanyakumari, via Leh, which took him two months to complete. Over the years, Bhardwaj has won many long-distance running titles, the most noteworthy being the 6-Day Race’ in South Africa in 2010 setting a South Asian record at the event.

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Namak Issk Ka | Chamcham finally turns Dulhaniya in Namak Issk Ka

Monday, February 08, 2021

COLORS popular show Namak Issk which capture the journey of  nachaniya Chamcham’s (played by Shruti Sharma)  has enticed viewers. As she takes on society and their judgments and shows us the kind of prejudices that a dancer in her position has to deal with, she comes across Yug (Played by Aditya Ojha).

- In an ironic and completely unexpected turn of events, Yug who has always looked down upon dancers ends up leaving his own bride and marries Chamcham!
- Shruti Sharma's stunning transformation from being a Nachaniya to Dulhaniya is a sight to behold.

- Chamcham's look is completely different from what we have seen brides dress this season. Dressed in pastel shades with some exquisite Kundan jewelry in a dull-gold finish, Chamcham's look is sure to inspire the brides in the upcoming wedding season!
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Saregama launches Gujarati romantic track ‘Bodhavi Love Story Che’, by one and only Rakesh Barot!

Monday, February 08, 2021

It’s the season of love and Saregama is all set to delight its Gujarati listeners with a romantic anthem by none other than Gujarati heartthrob Rakesh Barot. With its emotionally rich composition weaved with some great lyrics, this new single is sure to steal hearts.

Entailing lyrics by Bharat Ravat and Devraj Aadraj coupled with music by Mayur Nadiya, the track exudes a feeling of intimacy and deep love brought forth beautifully by Rakesh Barot, who features in the video along with Sweta Sen and Bharat Chaudhary.

Commenting on this new creation, Rakesh Barot said, “It’s the season of love, and Bodhavi Love Story Che is the perfect offering for lovers all over. It’s a beautifully penned track, and has a great emotional connect. I hope my fans celebrate love with this track of mine.”

A soulful rendition, Bodhavi love story che is an irresistible piece of melody that lingers, casting a spell on all those who are looking to spend some romantic time with their loved ones in the company of good music. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Saregama Gujarati right now for the right dose of romance

Link - https://bit.ly/39YRahm

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Tips For Getting Started With Online Data Entry Jobs

Monday, February 08, 2021

Most of us like to start business and work from home without even having knowledge of what is required to start a home based job. Some of the tips discussed in this article will help bring forth certain factors to be considered before starting a home based work.

The first thing to be considered before starting a business is to actually setting up a business. The person should have got the employer identification number or social security number on the first place. It is the first step towards starting a legal business venture as all the businesses have to pay taxes.

The next is to keep record of all the income earned and expenses made. This report also needs to be submitted at the end of every financial year. It is wise to keep all the receipts and proof of expenses made, as any business venture needs to be audited.

The next important thing is to run the business venture professionally and if not it may be the reason for losses. Getting a professional email account is very important to stay in the business for long. Even though the person works from home, it is good to have a dedicated phone line for the business as no professional would like to get an answer from a kid or servant of the house. Also back ups are needed to avoid unforeseen circumstances like a hard drive crash or virus attack etc. The information the person deals with may be very important and if any of them is lost it can cause huge damage to himself and the client. Being well prepared before starting a business is a proactive way of dealing things.

Tips for sourcing the best data entry job from home program:

It is better not to go for free data entry job programs as nothing is given free of cost in this world. Such free programs at the end may cost more due to hidden and undisclosed costs. It is good to select a program with lower application fees since they cover training support needed and help in setting up of the accounts etc. in a proper way. Such kinds of programs are worth the money paid towards application fees.

To get good kind of work and that in good volume, it is good to update databases with the companies who are in need of data entry workers who work from home. Constantly updating the databases will fetch more and more jobs.

It is advised not to concentrate on incentive based work options as many of the jobs pay incentives but less remuneration only. If the person is aiming to earn more it is good to get data entry jobs which pay high remuneration.

Data entry jobs require hard work as, it is not an easy job and also it is not for people who like to make money doing nothing. If a person has good typing skills, and willingness to work data entry jobs, it can be really promising. Also it is good to get work from reputed data entry job sites which can be known through people who are already into it, or from friends and relatives. There are lot of forums were all the questions are answered.
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Friday, February 5, 2021

Alternative Breast Cancer Natural Herbal Treatment

Friday, February 05, 2021

In recent years, there’s been an explosion of life-saving treatment in an alternative way with natural and herbal medicine advances against breast cancer, bringing new hope and excitement. Instead of only one or two options, today there’s an overwhelming menu of treatment choices that fight the complex mix of cells in each individual cancer.

Let me ask you a question before you start reading this article:

If I could show you a natural cancer fighting strategy that when used alone or when coupled with conventional treatments could kill your cancer – would you be willing to spend 15 minutes reading and listenting to the audio of the patients. This potentially is a life changing report?

If you answered NO, then I wish you the best of luck with your doctor.

If you answered YES, then go ahead and read this report. Do not simply skim over it or skip around from section to section – but read it word for word. There is some cancer fighting information here. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Finding out that you or a loved one has breast cancer can be absolutely terrifying. However, once you understand the causes of breast cancer and learn how to reverse those causes, you or your loved one can have more than a fighting chance of beating breast cancer. Unfortunately, these strategies can’t help everyone survive, but if the person using these strategies has enough time left so that they can start to work, quite often they reverse their cancer.

Now, because you chose to read this report in its entirety – this tells me two things about you.

1. You want an aggressive no-holds barred approach to skyrocket your chances of survival beyond the ordinary.

2. You realize conventional treatments may not do the trick alone, and can potentially batter your body, destroy your health and possibly ruin you financially.

A Breast Cancer Survivor says that “We fight cancer everyday…and we never give up.”

We know you are fighting for your life. At Cancer Treatment Centers and our mission is to arm you with every choice and offer you every chance.

Aggressive research, innovative new therapies, and highly-trained, experienced cancer practitioner of conventional treatment work to provide each patient with a personalized treatment plan, based on his or her unique medical condition, needs and desires.

Breast Cancer Treatment

There is hope. Some about treatment options available to you.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer treatments that counter the underlying causes of cancer, help relieve pain, reduce side effects and help the immune system to more effectively fight cancer.

Let me be in brief about the things

What this cancer exactly is?

Cancer cells are always being created in the body. It’s an ongoing process that has gone on for eons. In fact, the immune system developed components whose job it is to seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Cancer is not a mysterious disease that suddenly attacks you out of the blue, something that you can’t do anything about. It has definite causes that you can correct if your body has enough time, and if you take action to change the internal environment to one that creates health, not cancer, while at the same time attacking cancerous cells and tumors by exploiting their weaknesses.

How we came across this disease?

Cancer has been around as long as mankind, but only in the second half of the 20th century did the number of cancer cases explodes. Contributing to this explosion are the huge amounts of toxins and pollutants we are exposed to, high stress lifestyles that zap the immune system, poor quality junk food that’s full of pesticides, irradiated and now genetically modified, pathogens, electromagnetic stress, lights and just about anything that wasn’t around 200 years ago. All these weaken the immune system, and alter the internal environment in the body to an environment that promotes the growth of cancer.

Cancer tumors begin when more cancerous cells are being created than an overworked, depleted immune system can destroy.

Constant exposure to tens of thousands of manmade chemicals from birth onward, chlorinated and fluoridated water, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides and other toxins, leads to the creation of too many free radicals and excessive numbers of cancerous cells.

Alone this would be enough to raise cancer levels, but combined with an immune system weakened by a diet of refined and over processed food, mineral depleted soils, and too much exposure to artificial light at night, the immune system at some point no longer is able to keep cancer in check and it starts to grow in your body.

Did you know about this?

Research shows that the immune system needy 9 1/2 hours of sleep in total darkness to recharge completely. When was the last time you had enough sleep?

As a result of all this stress on our bodies and the overload of toxins, what you get is a malfunctioning immune system and a body that is not capable of destroying the excessive numbers of cancerous cells that develop. Some, sooner or later, survive and multiply. And then you have cancer.

Overcoming cancer is a process of reversing the conditions that allowed the cancer to develop, and going after and killing cancerous cells.

The exact causes don’t have to be known, though certainly the more varied the approaches taken to correct those conditions, the more likely you are going to hit on what works best in a particular case. What needs to be done is to strongly and dramatically interrupt and reverse these cancer-causing conditions so that the body becomes healthier, and no longer capable of breeding cancer.

The more cancer there is, the more serious the condition — meaning much has to be done — fast. In your personal situation it may be too late, or it may not. No one knows where that cutoff point is as even advanced cases can turn around.

This report acts like a suggestor to you. The most important things you can do for your health is to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But much, much more potent.

One of the basics of fighting cancer is going on a fairly low carbohydrate diet, especially sugars and refined carbohydrates, because they digest extremely fast and flood the body. Your body must then produce a lot of insulin to get the sugar into cells fast, and this feeds the cancer cells just what they like to eat.

10 Strategies to focus on when fighting cancer…

1. Kill Them Naturally And Safely Without Harming Your Body

2. Increasing Oxygen Levels In Your Body And Cells Can Literally Kill Cancerous Cells

3. Normalizing pH Levels which Can Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

4. Getting Methylgyloxal Back Into Cells Puts The Brakes On Cancer Cell Growth

5. A Strong Immune System Seeks Out And Destroys Cancer Cells

6. Eliminating Candida And Fungal Infections Vital For Getting Rid Of Cancer

7. Reducing Toxic Overload Vital For Successfully Fighting Cancer

8. Free Radical Scavengers Protect Cells From Damage

9. Increasing Enzyme Levels Can Wipe Out Cancer

10. Raising The Vibratory Level In The Body Disrupts Cancer Growth

11. Resolving Issues And Reducing Stress May Be Vital For Success Against Cancer

A natural and herbal approach to cancer is based on making the body healthier. This alternative cancer strategy is to strengthen a depleted, worn out, under energized immune system that is not capable of killing cancer cells as fast as they are multiplying.

This is part of changing the body’s internal environment so cancer cells can’t survive and so you will experience greater health in every way. You accomplish this by supporting the body’s fight against cancer, by changing the body’s internal environment to one that does not support the growth of cancer, and by directly attacking cancer cells.

You will learn about safe and effective supplements that deal with each cancer weakness mentioned in the web site. Products that can defeat cancer as they get at the underlying causes of cancer. That work on any and every cancer. Let’s get started with the last one first…
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Living With Pets Keeping Your Baby Safe

Friday, February 05, 2021

So, up to this point, your dog or cat has been your baby, but now there’s a little human on the way. It is normal and, in fact, wise to be concerned about how the two are going to mix. The chances are very good that everything will work quite well and your pet and your child will be very close buddies, but there are some things you can do to be prepared. First some tips for dogs:

Teach your dog to stay out of the nursery

Start right away putting up a baby gate or keeping the door closed to help your dog learn to stay out of the baby’s room. Later on, you can allow the dog in the room, especially if you are in there, but it’s best to prepare him at first to stay away.

Introduce your dog to some other babies

If he’s never been around a baby, carefully introduce some into his life. He is much less likely to be anxious around your baby if he is introduced gradually.

Make sure he is well trained

A baby’s behavior is not predictable, so your dog has to be the grown up in this case. If your dog does not obey you, it’s time for some training before the baby arrives. If your dog is a male, and you haven’t had him neutered, this is a good time for that, too. It should make the dog calmer and more well mannered.

Then, there’s the cat – some of the same ideas work for cats, too, except that training them to stay out of a room is pretty difficult. They scale baby gates, and cribs, by the way with ease. So, in addition to a baby gate, it’s wise to purchase a net to go over the crib, to keep the cat out. Also, if your cat sleeps with you, don’t put the baby in your bed with the cat in the room.

For both types of pets, keep the food and water bowl away from the baby. Babies love to play in them, and this can not only make a mess, but can cause the animal to be even more jealous. Also, at some point, if your child can get to the pet food, he will try to eat it. I promise.

Your child and your pets should develop a good relationship with little trouble. Just be diligent for a while until everybody is comfortable, and you should continue to have a happy home.
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Baby Shower Favors Ideas And Tips For Making The Right Choice

Friday, February 05, 2021

Planning a baby shower is an exciting time but it is important that the proper steps are taken to insure that the shower is a success. Enjoying a baby shower is twice the fun because the parents-to-be get to share the excitement and happiness that they feel with their friends and relatives.

A baby shower is actually a type of party that the couple’s friends or relatives had prepared. Because it is a party, it entails the gifts, food, and of course the party favors that are usually present in any other party or celebration.

Like any other party, choosing the right baby shower favor can be very tedious especially if it aims to make the event memorable. There are so many baby shower favors that choosing the best can be pretty confusing.

So, for people who wish to know how to choose the right baby shower favor, here are some pointers that can be very handy.

Even if the friends or the relatives are the ones who prepared the invitation, it is still a must to consider the personality of the mother-to-be when choosing baby shower favors.

After all, you would not want to create misunderstanding or misconceptions just because you have chosen baby shower favors that do not fit to the personality of the mother, right?

It always pays to shop around before deciding on something. This will give you enough time to contemplate and compare which baby shower favor is suitable for the occasion.

Best of all, you get to choose the most affordable, most attractive, and most appropriate baby shower favors available in the market.

Today, there are many available resources where you can find great ideas on baby shower favors.

In print, you can find some great ideas in the magazines and books about baby showers. You can also find some useful ideas in the Internet.

What matters most is that you have plenty of resources where you can get the best baby shower favors for the guests.

There are people who have already attended baby shower parties, so, their opinions can be a lot of help. You can ask them what kinds of party favors are usually being used in the baby showers or what would they prefer to have on their own baby showers.

These kinds of baby shower favors will be a sure hit even if the personality of the expectant mother had not been considered. This is because for so many events, these kinds of party favors had been appreciated but most people, and the people who will attend on the baby shower will appreciate it, too.

Indeed, baby shower favors can be really tedious but with careful planning and considerations, the baby shower event will turn out to be very memorable because of the favors that the guests have received.

Nothing comes close to ending this wonderful event than to have baby shower favors that would reflect the merrymaking of the delight and joy of all the people who came to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby.
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What Are You Doing To Acheive Your Dreams?

Friday, February 05, 2021

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’ve learned on this journey of becoming more of who I am – is that every person deep down inside – really just wants to be happy, to be with their families, have their friends around them – have successful meaningful relationships – be healthy and live the life they are meant to live.

I don’t care what co…What are you looking for in your life? More peace, prosperity, someone to share your life with? What are you hungry for?I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’ve learned on this journey of becoming more of who I am – is that every person deep down inside – really just wants to be happy, to be with their families, have their friends around them – have successful meaningful relationships – be healthy and live the life they are meant to live.

I don’t care what country you go to on this great big beautiful blue marble in space that we live upon – most people are good. You can make the argument by saying “look – look at the terrorists or the criminals in the world” – but did you know that those people actually only represent a small percentage of the rest of the world’s population? Think about it. There are 6.5 billion people on this planet.And of those 6.5 billion people, how many of them are really, really, really bad people?The point is this – there is far more goodness going on in the world right this minute than badness!All is well. 

All is really well. There is a flow of well being that comes to each and every one of us – we just need to learn to tap into it – plug in so-to-speak.Did you know that you have immediate access to that well-being regardless of what is occurring in your external world at any given moment?That well-being is called Source, God, Universe, Allah, Shiva, or whatever name you choose to give it but Source is available to each and every one of us at any moment regardless of the constraints any religious dogma tries to put on it.

This is the true secret of living: understanding who you are and where you came from.Religious dogmatists would try to tell you that you must turn around three times and tap your heels together or say 100 Hail Mary’s or get baptized in water or deny yourself those things you want to attain true spirituality!Hogwash!You are a divine child of the Universe with the Source of Creation inside of you! Inside – not outside!Christ once said to his followers (loosely translated) “there will come a time when people will not worship in temples made by hands.”You are the temple not made by hands that He speaks of. In you is the Holy of Holies – a special place where you can connect and meet the Source of all Creation.

Don’t believe me? Haven’t you felt those ecstatic moments of joy that seemingly have no reason for existing? You’re tapping into Source. What about the peace that passes all understanding that has come to you in the dead of night or in that moment you most desperately needed it?

When you make a conscious decision to develop a relationship with Source – the most intimate on the face of this planet you will ever experience – your life can become one of meaning and purpose.Once you make that connection – everything is at your fingertips in a moment.Our true journey here is enjoying this temple not made by hands. 

To live our lives to the fullest potential of who we really are – divine children of the universe – and express that divinity in our own individual ways.Just like there are no two leaves, no two grains of sand, and no two snowflakes alike, there is nothing on this planet that is like anything else in its uniqueness.

You are the gift Source has given you. So what are you doing with this gift of life right now? Are you complaining? Or are you thankful for the simple fact that you are breathing?The gift of life on this planet is that we can interact with this most beautiful and delicious world and everything in it through our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our bodies and through all of our senses.

You are here to live your life and enjoy it – not constrain it – not bind it all up in a set of rules and regulations that keep you from experiencing life!Take your faith out of the temples made with hands and realize that it isn’t outside of you – it’s inside – right in the core of your being.That faith is what powers you – keeps you breathing – keep it where it belongs – in the inner temple squarely in your heart where its true home is.And realize that faith is the substance of things hoped for the EVIDENCE of things not yet seen.You are a child of the Most High – a divine child of the Universe.

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Use Self Belief To Shape Your Own Destiny

Friday, February 05, 2021

I was watching a program on the Biography Channel the other day which illustrated the truth of Henry Ford’s words and highlighted the importance of se…Of all the things that go towards shaping our destiny, it is our belief in our own abilities which has the greatest influence. Our level of self belief determines whether we succeed or fail to achieve our dreams and ambitions.

As Henry Ford said “If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right.”I was watching a program on the Biography Channel the other day which illustrated the truth of Henry Ford’s words and highlighted the importance of self-belief. The subject of this program dropped out of the educational system without a degree, in fact, he quit school before he even reached college age and left school with woefully inadequate qualifications. The reason for this academic failure was a combination of dyslexia and general lack of interest in school work.

Sadly, the lack of academic achievement was accompanied by a complete lack of prowess on the sports field. To top it all off, as well as being a dunce and a sporting failure, the poor kid was not even good looking. He did not have rich parents to give him financial support . 

His parents were not business owners, so there was no chance of a career via nepotism. He had no obvious skills or talent, so a career as an artist or musician was not an option.This sounded like the stereotypical beginning for a person who will at best survive by taking low-paid employment and, at worst, will drift into a life of crime as a way of snatching what he is incapable of earning. His school headmaster is credited with saying on his premature departure from the education system, ‘I feel sure you will either end up in prison or become a millionaire’. 

To entertain the idea that this person had any prospect of becoming a millionaire, you would have to know his character. We can only see the external disadvantages, the headmaster was aware of the strength of character and depth of self belief existing within this person. That self-belief more than made up for any lack of education and academic qualifications.One thing the prospective jailbird/millionaire had was the ability to spot a niche for a new business. No, this is not a story of luck bringing an instant rags to riches transformation. 

Unfortunately his first two business ventures failed miserably. Did this set him on a path of serial business failures? Not at all, the failures probably taught him valuable lessons. He started the first business at the age of seven, so the chances of real success were pretty remote! The fact that he had sufficient self-belief to start his first business before he even reached his teenage years gives us a clue as to his character.

The condensed version of the rest of this biography is that the “hero” of the story built a successful business before he reached his twenties, was a millionaire by the age of 25 and was the owner of a Caribbean island before he was thirty. He did not stop working then, he went on from flamboyant success to even bigger flamboyant success, setting records and achieving the apparently impossible.The subject of the TV program was Sir Richard Branson who is, at the time of writing, a billionaire several times over. He has attributed his success to hard work, belief in his business ventures and a willingness to take risks. These risks have included the well publicised (and life threatening) hot-air balloon journeys, starting a business on borrowed capital and taking risks in business where the potential losses were huge.

It is self-belief which made it possible to take those risks. Without belief in himself, Richard Branson would not have dared to borrow the money to start his first business as a magazine publisher after leaving school. Without self-belief the balloon challenges would not have been contemplated. Without self-belief the ambition to own an airline would have remained just a dream.”It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself”. Those words were said by Muhammad Ali but they sum up the essence of what makes any person able to reach his goals in life. We must learn to sow and cultivate self-belief if we wish to achieve the harvest of our dreams.

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How To Care For Your Body During Pregnancy

Friday, February 05, 2021

Being pregnant means following a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. It’s crucial to understand what steps you can take to keep you and your baby in good health.

Prenatal care is one of the vital factors that ensure a smooth pregnancy. The first checkup should occur during the first 6 to 8 weeks of your pregnancy, when your menstrual period is approximately 2 to 4 weeks late. For women who are relatively healthy and have no complicating risk factors, you will probably see your health care provider every 4 weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy, and then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy. After that you will have an appointment every week until you give birth through inducing labor or otherwise.


Proper nutrition is one of the best ways to enjoy a happy pregnancy. Because you’re eating for two, it’s doubly important to consume healthy foods and stay away from things that may harm your baby as it develops. When you’re pregnant, dieting and cutting calories is not a good thing – you will need to take in about 300 more calories a day to ensure you and your baby are properly nourished, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Caloric intake, however, can vary from woman to woman. For thin women, and women carrying twins, you may be required to consume more than 300 extra calories. Or, if you are currently verweight you might need less. No matter what, you’ll need to contact your healthcare provider to determine what’s best for you.

Of course, pure calorie consumption is not the only goal – you need to make sure that what you eat is nutritionally sound. Nutritious foods contain the essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to a baby’s growth and development.

Although a healthy diet is fundamental to caring for your body during pregnancy, it’s actually quite simple to integrate healthy living into your daily life. Maintain a well-balanced diet by following basic dietary guidelines. Lean meats, fruit, vegetables, whole grain breads and low-fat dairy products are all essential to maintaining good health.

Real, healthy food will provide your body with much-needed nutrients. At the same time, during pregnancy certain essential nutrients are required in higher-than-normal amounts. For example, calcium, iron, and folic acid are especially essential in the diet of a pregnant woman. Although your doctor may prescribe vitamin supplements, your diet still needs to contain nutritious food to provide your body with most of its nourishment.

On a normal basis, women need 1,000 mg of calcium per day, but during pregnancy, calcium consumption should rise in order to keep up with calcium loss in your bones. You can get calcium from a wide range of food products, including low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt; orange juice, soy milk, and cereals that are fortified with calcium; dark green veggies such as spinach, kale, and broccoli; as well as tofu, dried beans, and almonds.

A pregnant woman requires 27 to 30 mg of iron per day because iron is used by the body to make hemoglobin, which is what helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. A lack of iron leads to a dearth of red blood cells, meaning the body’s tissues and organs don’t receive enough oxygen. With a baby on board, women need to pay extra attention to their iron intake.

Iron is found in both plant and animal matter, but the body absorbs it more easily from meat sources. The following are some foods that contain a good amount of iron: red meat, dark poultry, salmon, eggs, tofu, enriched grains, dried beans and peas, dried fruit, leafy green vegetables, blackstrap molasses, and iron-fortified breakfast cereals.

Many people have already heard about how important folate (folic acid) is for a pregnant woman. For pregnant woman, or those planning on becoming pregnant, it is recommended that you take 0.4 milligrams of folic acid every day. Many women choose to supplement their diet with vitamins in addition to any folic acid intake they receive from food.

It has been found that consuming folic acid 1 month before and during the first 3 months of pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects by 70%, which is why it’s considered so critical. The neural tube is formed during the first 28 days of pregnancy, which is usually before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant, and it eventually develops into the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Lack of sufficient nutrition, particularly a lack of folic acid, may result in a neural tube defect such as spina bifida.

To remain healthy while pregnant, it’s also key to drink plenty of fluids. During pregnancy your blood volume increases, so drinking plenty of water is the best way to avoid dehydration and constipation.

Exercise is a great way to feel great throughout an entire pregnancy. There’s no reason to stop physical activity once you become pregnant; in fact, dietary guidelines suggest that you take 30 minutes or more each day to work out at a moderate pace.

During pregnancy, regular exercise prevents excessive weight gain, reduces problems such as back pain, swelling, and constipation, improves sleep, increases energy, promotes a positive attitude, prepares your body for labor and lessens recovery time after labor.

Proper sleep is another factor in maintaining health and comfort during pregnancy. Pregnancy can take its toll, and after a long day you will feel more tired than usual. As the baby grows bigger, it will be more difficult to sleep, but try to sleep as best you can – it will do wonders for how you feel!

Following a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, exercising, and drinking plenty of fluids are all important to your overall well-being during pregnancy. If you strive to eat nutritious food and maintain a positive attitude during the course of your pregnancy, the good moments will definitely outshine the difficult ones.
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Yoga Positions For Beginners

Friday, February 05, 2021

Yoga positions for beginners are so easy to learn. If you have not experienced any yoga session or have not seen one, that is not a problem.

Practitioners have talked about the unification of the mind, body and spirit. They claimed that this will be acquired through the practice of yoga exercises and techniques.

If it is your first time to hear of yoga, you will of course wonder how these exercises are done and how it looks like. Since you are a beginner, you will also definitely ask what kind of positions will be best for you.

Yogis have believed that the mind and the body are bonded into a unified structure. This belief has never failed and changed through time. Yoga has extensively performed an amazing procedure of healing oneself through harmony. This can be successfully done if you are in a proper environment.

With the great effects of yoga, the doctors have been convinced that yoga has some therapeutic results and can be recommended for people who have illnesses that is hard to cure.

If you have some illness that has been with you for a long time, you can practice the yoga positions for beginners and apply it to yourself.

If you want to practice the yoga positions for beginners, you must believe that yoga is effective and will help you to be cured or be refreshed.

Yoga is not just a recent application. It has been practiced and applied a long time ago and up to the present, the people are benefiting a lot from it.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Yoga Positions for Beginners now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

Investigations and researches have been implemented to prove that yoga can be helpful in the healing process.

Therefore, it has been proved that the yoga positions for beginners are extremely effective and useful when it comes to maintaining a high level of joint flexibility. Although the yoga positions for beginners are just simple and basic, it can slowly bring up a healthy lifestyle and bring more when it is practiced over and over again.

The yoga positions for beginners are very interesting and exciting to perform. Beginners will never find it hard to keep up with the exercises because it is just simple. The technique of yoga gives a very big contributing factor to our internal glands and organs. It also includes the parts of the human body which is barely stimulated.

If you want to learn the yoga positions for beginners, you can learn it easily at home or at school where yoga is taught.

Some basic yoga positions for beginners include standing poses, seated poses, forward and backward bends, balance and twisting. These yoga positions for beginners are not that far from those who are used to practicing yoga. Only that the extreme poses and positions are handled at the latter part of the exercise.

The time duration in executing the positions are also lessened because a beginner cannot fully cope up with a longer time exposure in practice. Rest is required of the beginner so that he will not be drained easily to prepare the body for further positions.

Since you are a beginner, the most important thing you should understand is self discipline. Yoga is not just doing yoga and executing the poses. If you haven’t mastered the basics yet, do not jump into the complex stages and positions because you will not feel the essence of executing the yoga positions for beginners.

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.
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‘Raje takes temple route for Yatra to show her strength’

Friday, February 05, 2021

If sources in the Rajasthan Bharatiya Janata Party are to be believed, the former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia is going to start a Yatra on her birthday on March 8 from a Krishna Temple, Adi Badri Dham, situated in Bharatpur district, in a bid to display her show of strength in the state.

Raje, since the appointment of a new state leadership in the BJP, has distanced herself from the party office and its activities. However, her followers have been pressuring her to play aggressive politics for combating the other group, fearing they will lose their presence on ground in the next elections if she sits quiet.

Eventually, she will start her Yatra from Bharatpur’s Adi Badri temple, said BJP sources.

Her staunch supporter and former minister Yunus Khan was in the town in the last few days reportedly to perform a recce of the place from where she will start the Yatra.

Raje supporters, including former MLAs and MPs, are working hard to make this show of strength a success.

In fact, there are one or two faces who have also been in the present working committee of the BJP and are still supporting the former CM.

The action plan for the grand event will include a convoy with over 1,000 fleet of cars which will be more like a grand road show.

“Bharatpur is near to her place Dhaulpur and hence many people can be a part of the show. Also starting her yatra from the Krishna Temple, she shall give a strong political message,” said sources.

It needs to be mentioned here that Raje met Union minister Amit Shah on Tuesday and matters regarding Rajasthan state politics were discussed in the meeting.

She reportedly expressed her annoyance for being kept isolated in major decision making issues of the party in state-related matters. Also, she was unhappy that her loyals in the party were not being given decent positions. Issue of her son not being given a cabinet portfolio was another subject of discussion, sources confirmed.

Now, the former CM is all set to take out the Yatra to give a strong political message to team leaders.

Earlier, her followers have left the saffron party shocked by announcing 25 district presidents of a solo entity ‘Team Vasundhara Raje’ floated in December 2020, and made the list viral on social media.

It needs to be mentioned here that social media is abuzz with activities of a group ‘Vasundhara Raje Team 2023’ where she is being projected as the next CM face.

Meanwhile sources said that all those active on social media till date in these groups will be a part and parcel of the Yatra too.

Also, recently, another new group has appeared on social media with the name of ‘Team Vasundhara Raje kisan Morcha’ and presidents for the same have been appointed in 10 districts, says a post on the group.

This group is again active and projects Raje as the next CM. Meanwhile, the present BJP leadership is monitoring all developments and keeping a strong vigil on all activities, said a team leader adding that if there is a need, the state leadership will approach central leadership with a complete report on such activities.

Meanwhile, a Raje supporter said, “She needs to get aggressive in state politics because this is the time when she should start ground working.”

In 2018 too, she held the Rajasthan Vikas Yatra from Rajsamand’s Charbhuja temple, however, she lost the 2018 Assembly polls to the Congress.

Source - IANS

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HCL Technologies to add 1000 employees in Nagpur in the coming months

Friday, February 05, 2021


  • HCL Technologies Ltd (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced its plans to hire over 1000 freshers and experienced professionals at HCL campus in MIHAN, Nagpur.
  • This will be a great opportunity for college freshers and working professionals with the desired skills and experience to apply for open job positions.
  • HCL’s 50-acre campus in MIHAN has been operational since April 2018 with nearly 2,000 employees. The center is now part of elite league of Platinum certificated campuses across the world by the United States Green building council (USGBC).
  • The HCL Nagpur center is in sync with HCL’s philosophy to create and operate a state-of-the-art global IT development center; recruit, train and employ local talent and create sustainable ecosystems for them.  HCL Nagpur focuses on  Engineering and R&D services (ERS)Application Development and Infrastructure Management Services line of business
  • HCL Nagpur’s ‘come back home’ campaign, reaches out to talent from Nagpur and encourages them to come back home to exciting careers in ERS, Application and Infrastructure Management Services. The “stay rooted” campaign focuses on creating global opportunities for graduates in their own city and reaches out to freshers with new opportunities.
  • HCL offers best-in class skill-based training programs for entry-level job roles. Candidates interested to kick-start their IT career with HCL can apply for its training & hiring programs. HCL offers training programs for students who have completed Class XII, Science Graduates and Engineering Graduates as well as Post Graduates.
  • HCL employees have access to one of its kind benefits program called HCL Benefitbox. As part of this program, HCL employees have access to healthcare facilities for employees and their family members; education benefits for employee children besides a host of discounts and offerings available to employees as part of amenities program. 
  • Experienced Professionals can join HCL with 2-20 Years of Experience in key technologies including Java, .Net, Salesforce, Mulesoft, PLM, Automation testing, End-User computing, Data Centre operations, leadership roles like service delivery manager, operations manager, project and program managers. Interested candidate can send their resumes on recruit.nagpur@hcl.com

Quote from Ms. Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President, HCL Technologies:

HCL’s ‘New Vistas’ initiative provides talent in India with innovative opportunities and platforms that will empower them with the necessary skills needed to play crucial roles in the technology landscape. At HCL Technologies, our core values of Courage and Care inspire us to Collaborate in the spirit of optimism toward a sustainable future. In the last four years, our centers in New Vistas locations like Madurai, Lucknow, Nagpur and Vijayawada have nurtured and hired over 15,000 candidates who are now an integral part of HCL Technologies.

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